February 01, 2017

The Unimportant Purchases

First day of February, I went to a grocery store and found myself amusingly stare at a green jewelry organizer after I failed to create a do-it-yourself one. Well, my DIY project could actually work if only I did it in the weekend. You know, I had no time in the weekend, so I bought those green cute little thing for 2.5$. I love cheap things! ~

Then I remembered, last month I bought a pair of imitation iPhone headphones for only 3$ in a stationery near my neighborhood. The output sound was okay, not terrible. And the best part was: in a box it was consist of two pair of headphones, black and white. Yes, I got two new headphones. I'm beyond happy.

Talking about a pair of headphone, I was lately listening to Celia Pavey, a 2013 The Voice Australia's participant. I like her because this particular video of her sing a cover song Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz.

Though I like the original one, but Celia's version was totally different. Which was excellent for me. With her version, the song was melodically sweet and most importantly; sing-able!

Oh, I forgot to made an introduction of #30HariBlogging that I challenge myself to write fully a month, Yeay! But this time I am all alone. A couple years ago I completed the challenge with 7 other pals, and it sure had more fun. But today I didn't know if those pals still remembered their blog's password. And I had no time (I actually always forgot) to knock on their phones just to ask "Let's do #30HariBlogging again, shall we?". Maybe next time I'll ask them.

So, here's my first writing.

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