January 10, 2017

Ciremai: Where I Found Things Matter during Climbing

Holo 2017, this is my first writing on you. I have something to tell from my last bittersweet journey to the roof of Ciremai Mountain.

Yes, a mountain. A place where Indonesian youth mostly made their background of Instagram feeds with somekinda wise-like caption and hastag as the ornaments. Tsk.

Lemme get it right. I never like to put myself in labels 'anak gunung', 'pendaki', or 'pendaki cantik' *puke over myself* or anything close. Never had in mind to conquer Indonesia summits existed. No. I just simply love to let myself be in any another places beside my current nest to have some awesome journey whatsoever. I just simply say yes on the very first adventure-call.

Anyway, on my way up, I kinda disturbed by a fellow that had this anyone-please-bring-my-carrier-I-am-exhausted kinda thought in the very beginning of the journey. FYI, this very ‘experienced’girl had made herself over four summits (include; Tampomas, Lembu, Cikurai, Ciremai,) and using #pendakicantik hastag on her Instagram post, lmao. I mean she called herself mountaineer but keep that kinda thought in her brain? Meh.

Well, if you feel you can't carry that burden of your belongings while taking sheers road, better off to the city. Be a city traveler instead. There are lots of hotels you don't need to carry tons of weight everywhere. Easy.

If you insisted to go over summit, please find a fucking porter. Do not be a damn burden to your travel mates, they had even more weight to carry on (if you even notice). Even if you are a female, wait, no. Foremost if you are a female creature, don't act like you are weak. It’s a mountain, you comprehend properly, suck that pain. Don’t make that ‘emancipation’ you bragging about worthless, woman.

But then, off course no one agreed with me because people you met on the mountain were the nicest people on earth, seriously. They will help you anyway.

I don't know, it’s kinda awkward for me glancing at some people awesome picture and almighty quotes of their Instagram post, while I acknowledge their spirit lack of power back then. Well, I guest they've learned something after all.

For me, what I learned during climbing was; you need to bring a spirit fully charged of independence, enthusiasm, and self-responsibility. That’s all. Because the awesome Instagram post was just a bonus, how much you acknowledge your inner power and spirit along the way was the only reasonable reason why you went climbing. Didn't you?

*There's also a first-timer fellow that amaze me because she's very kind and had a powerful spirit. Even tough her boyfriend came along, she'd never act spoiled or having this darling-please-bring-my-carrier-I-am-exhausted behavior. She had responsibility over herself, that was awesome. I like her :)

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